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The 2013 ATQ Bowl Pick 'Em: Don't Finish Last

For real, don't.

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OK, you've got a day to get picks in, so make it happen.

Yahoo! Sports Pick 'Em

Name: Addicted to Quack

Yahoo Group #: 25881

Password: joshhuff


Since you freeloaders need some incentive to participate, I'm fronting the prizes myself, because I love you all. How's that for an emotionally confusing sentence?

THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE: a copy of "Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats, and Its Stories", written by SB Nation's own Bill Connelly. It's a football nerd's paradise, and Bill is smarter than I could ever possibly be. Even if you don't win, you should buy two copies of this book, read one, and give the other to a friend. Sharing is caring, friends.


Oh, but don't think this is winner take all. There are other prizes.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO OUTSCORES ME WILL RECEIVE: a custom-drawn, one of a kind, MSPaint creation (subject of your choosing) by me. This is not an opportunity that comes around every day. Take advantage.



THE PERSON WHO FINISHES IN DEAD LAST PLACE WILL RECEIVE: the absolute worst movie I currently own in my DVD collection. I won't tell you what the contenders are, but make no mistake, there some absolute stinkers mixed in with the multiple copies of Empire Strikes Back and The Matrix. You'll just have to be surprised when it shows up at your door, wrapped in past due student loan bills, and enclosed with a note condemning you and all your decisions. A real honor.


You've got by the start of the bowl season (11AM Pacific on Saturday) to get picks in. MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR AMERICA (OR WHATEVER COUNTRY IN WHICH YOU CURRENTLY HOLD CITIZENSHIP).