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Quack Fix: Oregon's Uniforms go "Mach Speed"

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have links to the new Oregon Ducks Football uniforms released by Nike, a marriage proposal tip from Taylor Hart, notes about women's basketball success, and Gary Campbell's ties to Texas.

Jonathan Ferrey

And the site's back. Let this be a lesson to all you programmers out there. If your language requires a semi-colon, make sure you use one every time. If your language doesn't require a semi-colon, make sure you only use one when you need it... every time. Onto the quack.


  • The Oregon Ducks football team will debut new uniforms during the upcoming Alamo Bowl. Welcome to the 2014 "Mach Speed" set.
  • If you're thinking of proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend, take a tip from Taylor Hart. Wait for it to snow, build a snowman with a little snowtable, get some roses and a custom wine bottle and have it.
  • Women's Basketball is back to scoring points... a lot of points. The supersonic flying Westheads defeated the Southern Jaguars 130-99. In fact, both Oregon basketball programs are off to an amazing start this season.
  • Running Backs coach Gary Campbell has deep ties to Texas.
  • The Oregon Ducks community has lost an important figure in its wrestling history.
  • As the BCS winds down, who could forget looking back at a lost change at a national title.
  • Chip Kelly, shockingly, is taking it one game at a time.

Blurb of the Day

We're off to the Yukon! No snow so far....