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Quack Fix: Chip Kelly Tweets

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


  • Ducks continue to prepare for the Alamo Bowl on Dec 30th, and the Daily Emerald takes a look at one of the units that has Duck fans worried the most. Texas running backs. Oregon needs to improve on their run defense if they have any shot of winning this game.
  • In case you missed it, the Ducks pulled out a really nice comeback win against BYU Saturday evening. Joseph Young has stepped up a number of times this year, Loyd and Moser have been consistent leaders of the team, Dotson has shown the ability to take over, Artis and Carter are getting back into the swing of things and Saturday Jason Calliste threw his hat in the ring as someone teams need to worry about. I think it goes without saying, this team is pretty loaded and should make a serious run in the tourneys.
  • Also this weekend, the Ducks picked up a nice recruit. Chris Petersen has not figured out how Sark has closed the borders.
  • Finally, Chip Kelly and the Eagles will take on the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East title next weekend. First of all, I'm sure Monte Kiffin will be having flashbacks all week as he prepares to try and stop Kelly's offense once again. Secondly, for all the LULZ, go ahead and read these tweets from all the "NFL Experts" that though that Kelly and his system wouldn't work in the NFL.
Light on the quack today, so if something else pops up, feel free to leave it in the comments.