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Oregon Ducks Football: ATQ Spends the day with LMJ

I and ATQ alum Will Rubin got to hang out with LaMichael James and we got the videos from the day.

Ezra Shaw

Earlier in the year, we were fortunate enough to spend the day with LaMichael James and STACK media. We had a lot of fun listening to him relive his time at Oregon and run into some old friends as well. This is a pretty video heavy piece and most of them are self explanatory but I will put information on what the videos are just above them. The main video is about 8 minutes long and is the official video and the other ones are what got cut. You can refer back to the YouTube channel at to see all of the videos in their entirety. Thanks again to STACK for making this happen and we hope this is something you like. Enjoy!

As we walk in, we get to meet Tom, one of LaMichael's closest partners.

LaMichael teases us about not being able to come into the equipment room and talks about how it is not about the uniform, it is about the team.

LMJ talks about his relationship with Kim who was his PT trainer when her hurt his elbow.

Ever wonder how LaMichael was so fast?

Talking about and thanking the student section

Here is the full video of the tour

Again, if you want to see some more videos, check out Thanks again to STACK and LaMichael for giving us the time and opportunity.