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The Week 14 QuackPoll Thinks the Big XII is the BOMB


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Oh wait, the Ducks lost to Arizona. Cool. Real cool.

Rank Team Points (75 max) Change
1 Florida State (3) 75 0
2 Ohio State 70 +1
3 Auburn 69 +3
T-4 Alabama 64 -2
T-4 Oklahoma State 64 0
6 Missouri 60 -2
7 Michigan State 59 0
8 Baylor 55 +1
9 Stanford 47 +2
10 Arizona State 46 +2
11 South Carolina 44 +2
12 Oregon 42 +2
13 Northern Illinois 41 +2
14 Clemson 35 -6
15 Oklahoma 33 +1
T-16 Duke 30 +4
T-16 UCLA 30 +6
18 UCF 25 +3
19 LSU 21 0
20 Louisville 19 +2
21 Wisconsin 16 -11
22 Texas 12 +3
23 Fresno State 6 -6
24 Cincinnati 5 +3
25 USC 3 -7

Also receiving votes: Georgia (2), BYU and Iowa (1)

Oklahoma State is not in the national championship discussion. They aren't even being mentioned in the "what if the four-team playoff started this year?" talk. And that's a damn shame. Sure, they lost to West Virginia. And sure, they gave up 35 points to UT-San Antonio. And sure, their quarterback is named Clint Chelf, the most awkwardly-named person in American that isn't Reince Priebus. But the QuackPoll is not a player, we just crush a lot. Until November, that crush was Baylor. They wore green and yellow, scored a ton of points, and were exciting as hell. They were a younger version of Oregon. I am now sleeping on the couch because Oregon heard me say that.

But the same night Oregon went down in Palo Alto, Baylor went to Stillwater and got mugged. And the QuackPoll went from loving a green-and-yellow clad team with Lache Seastrunk on the roster, to loving an orange-and-black clad OSU. Haters gonna ha-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So Oklahoma State is tied with Alabama at 4, and could make a run at the top 3 depending on how conference championship week shakes out. It's not how the rest of the country sees it (and it's not how Dave sees it either), but it's happening nonetheless. We've also got Baylor, Oklahoma, and Texas higher than the BCS Standings, so clearly we've gone to the Big XII, never again to return. The next time you see me, I'll have spiraled out of control, and will be watching Iowa State-Kansas by choice.

I can't wait to put Duke at #2 when they beat Florida State this week.

Missouri drops to #6 after a win. Maybe you shouldn't have scheduled a shitty Texas A&M team in November, and we wouldn't have to punish you for it.

Wisconsin drops like a stone after losing to Penn State. They're a top-notch program though, super-deep with lots of talent, the Badgers got a bad rap here.

Every time I think I've gotten over the Iron Bowl, a new fan reaction video pops up. Hashtag: nostalgia.


Mod Loves Hates
Dave Auburn (#2) Oklahoma State (#7)
Noah Baylor (#7) Duke (#20)
Tako Northern Illinois (#9), and Duke (#11) Stanford (#13)