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Alamo Bowl 2013: Opening statements from the Coaches

Coach Helfrich and Coach Brown we're playing media pattycake on a conference call today.

Longhorns are the devil
Longhorns are the devil
Tom Pennington

Opening statements

"My guys will be very excited to take on an iconic program and an iconic coach in Coach [Mack] Brown. We've got a lot of work to do between now and then but our guys will be very excited...we'll be hungry to get back out there." -Mark Helfrich

"We're so excited to be playing Oregon. It's a great challenge. Mark [Helfrich] has done a tremendous job. We can't wait to get down there because we know it's a tremendous challenge to represent the Big XII. These guys are like Baylor. They can score fast. They do a tremendous job and have been one of the best football teams in the country over the past few years." -Mack Brown

On their teams

"Hopefully a scoring offense. We want to keep you guys in the eastern awake. We want to run the ball, we're kind of a run based offense, a little more balanced with Marcus Mariota who has been a great player for us. [We've] got a couple Texans in our midst in Josh Huff and Bralon Addison at receiver. We got a little bit banged up on the defensive side of the ball but hopefully we'll get those guys healed up and ready for a huge challenge in Texas." -Helfrich

"Malcolm [Brown] has matured a lot over the last couple years. He's had a tremendous year because he's stayed healthy. It's really been his issue and he did some good things for us against Oregon State late last year in the Alamo Bowl game. We are a run oriented offense. He's tough, he's protected the ball and we're proud of him. I know he's excited to return to San Antonio." -Brown