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Jersey Contest: Final Standings

Congrats to ducklady77777 for winning the 2013 ATQ jersey contest!

Harry How

The final standings are in and ducklady77777 used a 5-1 final week to win this year's jersey with a three-point victory over vdalduck and joffthedeckk.

ducklady77777: Keep an eye out in your email, as Dave will be contacting you shortly to arrange the collection of your prize.

Here are the top 13 from this year's contest (the full standings can be seen here):

User Score
ducklady77777 55
vdalduck 52
joffthedeckk 52
ydarb22 51
eloomis20 50


jstokes452 50
theducksyeah 49
INducktrination 49
BuckDlazer 49
Tonemaz 49
Al Orange 49
ntrebon 49