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Quack Fix: We Stand With the Band

I had a large, rather thought provoking opening statement for the Friday Quack Fix this week but something else has caught my attention. Time to pop on the soapbox.

A Rose Bowl win, a crushing injury and POOF! He was gone.
A Rose Bowl win, a crushing injury and POOF! He was gone.
Jonathan Ferrey

Last night, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon voted to begin a gradual defund of the Oregon Athletic Bands. The long and short of it is that about 20% of the OAB's budget is funding directly from student fees. With this vote to defund, the ASUO is making an attempt to strong arm the Athletic Department into picking up the tab so the ASUO can spend the money on other projects.

While I understand the fact that the ASUO wants to get others to pay the tab, they are going about this all wrong. Making an attempt to negotiate with the University is the proper way to go to ensure the funding is secure. Voting to defund as a "threat" to try and blackmail the AD is not only a horrible PR move, but it does not further the cause of promoting and advocating for the student organizations it represents.

I encourage the ASUO to apologize, commit to current funding model for the band, then work with University on future funding.

I stand with the band! #supporttheband

  • It was announced yesterday that Scott "Ice Man" Frost was going to take over the offensive coordinator duties for the Oregon Ducks Football team. While I bet this wasn't a surprise to many people, I'm kind of interested to see where things go from here. I'm all for continuity but you have two young coaches on the offensive side of the ball now. Experience counts for something and I have to wonder where that issue will raise its ugly head.
  • As Oregon Ducks fans, this is the time to look towards the future of the program as recruiting season starts to heat up. For the current seniors, however, it's time to think about taking their talents to the next level and for some, that could mean a trip to the NFL. The Daily Emerald gives us a quick look at some of the players that might show up on your TV on Sundays. The big question mark for me is what happens with John Boyett. Ever since his injury was announced, his appearances have been few and far between. It was if he was there one minute, and gone the next, never to be heard from again.
  • The Oregon Men's Tennis team has a double header this weekend as the Ducks take on DePaul on Saturday and Nevada on Sunday. The Ducks have had a good season so far, notching a 4-0 record with wins over Portland State, Seattle U, South Carolina Upstate and Eastern Washington.

And finally, we here at Addicted to Quack are always seeking answers to life's mysterious questions. Why do you park on driveways and drive on parkways? Are eyebrows considered facial hair? Is there ever a day when mattresses are not on sale? It's a fairly well known fact that Takimoto and I both studied music at the University of Oregon during our times there. That's why I know he'll appreciate this take on asking those tough questions... put to SONG!