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Quack Fix: It's Pronounced Arsalan-TAH

It's your first week without football, are you going through withdrawals yet?. I know I need some quack. Quick, someone get me some quack, I'm dying here! What, no football quack? Ah man, this is bull.... Ok, fine, here is the quack we do have:

The Iranian Ignitor, The Mad Rebounding Middle Eastern, The Persian Power-Forward, Arslam!
The Iranian Ignitor, The Mad Rebounding Middle Eastern, The Persian Power-Forward, Arslam!
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  • Glad to see the Ducks get off the snide on Saturday. Sure it was to the lowly Utes, but after the way the Ducks have been playing, any win would do.
  • Apparently, this win also put a little fire in the Arsalan Kazemi. Sounds like the Middle Eastern Motivator was fed up with the Ducks crappy play lately and he let his teammates know about it at halftime. Have to say it worked as the Ducks outscored Utah by 17 in the second half, and guys like Dotson, EJ and Kazemi himself played some inspired ball. Now they just have to keep that fire going in the state of Washington this week.
  • Speaking of Kazemi, who else is excited to see how many broadcasters screw up his name now that he's let everyone know they aren't saying it correctly.
  • I'm sure we'll all be watching to see if Artis makes it back this week. Sounds like he'll go to the doctor today, and that he wants to play just as much as Duck fans want him to.
  • There was a big time awards ceremony yesterday, did you watch it? No I'm not talking about the Grammy's. I mean the Oregon Sports Awards and a number of past, present and future Ducks were prominent.
  • The women's team lost again.
  • Finally, a quick update on a couple of track athletes and it looks like De'Anthony Thomas was a scratch from another indoor meet. Apparently Thomas is too busy coaching his 2nd grade basketball team to compete for the track team. Priorities man.

That's all the quack I got. Hopefully it lasts you long enough until someone drops some more in the comments