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VIDEO: Oregon Ducks Baseball Talk About Upcoming Hawaii Trip

The Ducks leave this week to face the Hawaii Warriors to open the season and start another campaign toward Omaha.

Videos courtesy of the ATQ Youtube page.

What can you learn from the first series of the season?

"I think quite a bit. We put a lot of details into our scrimmages. Our guys, like a lot of colleges across the country are fighting to make a travel list, to make starting line ups. I think it's been a very competitive camp, guys are fighting for their positions, we've got some tremendous races going on. I think when we come together collectively, it will come out pretty good but that's the test we are all looking forward to." -George Horton

On the first series against Hawaii

"I'm excited to play against somebody else, where the other team doesn't know your signs and the barometer that comes with that. It's very difficult to win over there, We felt very fortunate to come out with three out of four in the series last year. Hawaii, in and of itself presents a challenge besides their baseball team. Their fans are boisterous and rowdy and [distracting]...I can assure you it's a business trip for us, the excitement of going to Hawaii our guys will be single minded and laser focused on the job at hand I hope." -George Horton

"Everyone's excited, this is the best time for us. This is where a transformation happens. Everyone is excited, working towards something but no one really knows exactly what they are working for. So this week including the weekend, it's an enormous step for us. Now everyone gets to come together to face someone else." -Christian Jones

"It's an exciting trip to go on, the weather is a little different than here. Coach wants us to have fun but at the same time remember that we're there for business and to play baseball." -J.J. Altobelli

On anticipation

"Even for the old coach, it's different. I wake up different on Friday morning. Some players handle that very well and some players, it gets in their way and hopefully our guys relax early in the series." -George Horton

"Everyone gets excited going to Hawaii...I think everyone is just excited it's the first game. Hawaii is going to be even more exciting, but I think the fact that we're all going to be playing together on the same team for the first time is going to be the best aspect of it." -Christian Jones

"It's not a scrimmage any more, there is a little more on the line, more excitement to see if people stay within themselves." -J.J. Altobelli

On Hawaii's fans

"It's pretty crazy. Name calling. I know last year my dad almost got into a fight with one of them. My dad's not very...he would have gotten whooped. In Hawaii it's a completely different world. We just hope that they' [the freshmen] take it as motivation." -Christian Jones

"Their fans are pretty loud and they are all over us during the game. If we're able to handle that kind of atmosphere I think it will set a good tone for the rest of the season." -J.J. Altobelli

On the rotation

"We will go with Jake Reid on Friday, Tommy Thorpe on Saturday, Cole Irvin on Sunday and Jeff Gold on Monday. Christian [Jones] we think he can get up to about 60 pitches so we have him logged in for relief for about 3 innings." -George Horton

"I'd prefer starting, just because you can have a little bit more of a routine specifically for weight training, for throwing and conditioning, but it's probably good that I'm relieving just for my arm. I'm only 11 1/2 months [on rehab] so I think it's probably better in the long run that I have a smaller pitch count." -Christian Jones

On positioning

"Catcher is a dog fight. If we were going to play tomorrow, Josh Graham, a freshman from Roseburg would get the first call. We have 4 games over there so we will split that up. Josh is certainly not hitting on all cylinders as you would expect of a freshman playing at a high volume position. Shaun Chase will be the other guy. We may go two games for Josh and two games for Shaun. That will be up to them. We have a lot of experience in the infield. The guys we finished the year with will be starting. Maybe the only thing that has evolved recently is we were trying [Scott] Heineman at Catcher. He was in the mix there. We felt like he was a little behind the other two kids. We want his offense in the lineup so we just recently put him out in center field." -George Horton