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Autzen Stadium - North Side Exiting and Accessibility Improvements Project Announced

Fans of Oregon Ducks Football will see some improvements to Autzen Stadium this year. This letter was sent out from Rob Mullens and the University of Oregon this evening concerning plans for Autzen Stadium accessibility improvements.

Fans with these seats will have some better access in the Fall.
Fans with these seats will have some better access in the Fall.
Jonathan Ferrey

I am excited to share with you an upcoming project at Autzen Stadium that will provide tremendous benefit to our all fans, especially those who access the stadium from the north.

We have known about the congestion issue on the North side for some time and wanted to address your concerns. Through these changes, we are excited for the opportunity to make Autzen Stadium an even better experience for all fans.

Its official designation is the "Autzen Stadium - North Side Exiting and Accessibility Improvements" and below is a rendering of the concept.

The plan is for fans to enjoy improved access to the stadium this fall with a redesigned North Berm that will be more pedestrian friendly with a uniquely "Pacific Northwest" look to our North gate.

The improvements to the berm and walkways on the north side of Autzen will be constructed in a manner that will provide better access and safety for fans entering and exiting the stadium. The existing pedestrian ramps, which were built with the original stadium, will be removed and the berm will be reshaped to provide pathways that are universally accessible.

Broad stairways placed at multiple locations will improve foot traffic. With the elevation change from street level to the concourse, the project creates walkways, stairs and terraces, along with seating walls within the landscapes to ensure an enjoyable experience during ingress and egress from the north side of Autzen.

In addition to the circulation improvements, the entire north side will incorporate enhanced landscapes and spectator amenities, providing a sharp new look for fans and passers-by on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The inspiration for these features is a "Pacific Northwest" landscape. Most of the plant material used will be native to the region, comprised of large conifer trees, ferns, Oregon grape, vine maples and native groundcovers. Spectator gathering and resting places along the pathways will be incorporated into these landscapes. These waysides include seating and drinking fountains while offering exceptional views of the Autzen complex, the Willamette Valley and the surrounding foothills of both the Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges.

In addition to native landscapes, many sustainable elements will be incorporated into the project such as recycled materials, storm water treatment landscapes, drip irrigation and energy efficient lighting.

The initiative responds to the needs outlined in a spring 2012 independent consultant report and addresses the ingress and egress at Autzen Stadium as congestion issues increased with increased attendance.

The updates, which will not impact the seating capacity, are generously being funded by a private donation. No University or public funds have been or will be used in the design or construction of the modifications.

As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at an improved Autzen Stadium this fall.

Go Ducks!

Rob Mullens
Director or Athletics

They were also nice enough to include an artist rendition of the finished product. I love the additions. The way the North side looks with the trees and the grassy area really makes for a natural setting, as natural as a football stadium can look anyway. Once the project is implemented, it should provide for an incredible improvement in fan traffic in and out of the stadium. Exciting times to be a fan! Go Ducks!


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