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Fact or Fiction: Oregon Men's Basketball will win the Pac-12 Conference Championship in 2013

Things looked bleak for Oregon Ducks fans when Dominic Artis went out with a foot injury back in January. The season looked to be collapsing on February 7th when the Colorado Buffaloes gave Oregon their 3rd loss in four games. We were left sitting, rubbing our collective foreheads, wondering what might have been in this magical season.


Johnathan Loyd has gradually turned things around, Dana Altman has made adjustments and the team looks to have righted the ship, rattling off three straight wins to hold onto a slim, one-game lead in the Pac-12 Conference standings. We're getting the W's, but they aren't coming easy by any stretch of the imagination.

With five games remaining in the regular season, there are lots of things to like if you're Oregon. They don't have to play Arizona or UCLA again which makes their one-game lead turn into a two-game lead. Arizona State is in the same boat and currently sit two full games back. The Ducks also have three of their remaining five games at Matthew Knight Arena, one of the most dangerous places to play for opposing teams the last few seasons.

Not everything looks rosy, however. Stanford, California and Colorado are still on the schedule to close out the season and each team has already beaten the Ducks in conference play. Even though Oregon State has had a rough go of it in conference play, you can't ever discount a rivalry game and Utah is a tough out at home. All of this leads us to our Fact or Fiction question...