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Oregon Ducks Men's Basketball Vs. Stanford Cardinal Open Thread

Ducks look to rebound after a tough loss to Cal

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

As Oregon prepares to face Stanford, a major key is going to be frame of mind. The loss to Cal was an absolute heartbreaker, and Oregon also knows that Stanford completely boatraced them last time out, the one outlier on the conference schedule for the Ducks. Coming off a buzzer beater always gives you trepidation, and you fear coming out flat the game after. However, if Oregon can successfully combat that, they actually have a good shot at beating the Cardinal.

This is mainly because Stanford, like Oregon, is post oriented, and Oregon should be able to successfully counter that. They didn't in the first game--they came out extremely flat, and Dwight Powell and Josh Huestis combined for 26 points and 26 rebounds. It is imperative for Oregon to win the rebounding battle decisively, and keep these two from having monster games on the boards, as Stanford doesn't have much in the way of rebounding behind them.

[From David Piper's Preview]