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Oregon Men's Basketball Media Day

Coach Altman, Arsalan Kazemi and E.J. Singler were available for comment today


On the weekend in the Bay Area:

"Obviously it hurts, but we can't be down on ourselves. Winning and losing is part of the game and part of being a basketball player. There is the next game coming, if you want to keep thinking about the last game it's going to hurt future performance, so you have got to forget about it and play your best the next game...I'm really not happy with my effort the past two games, I really think that I need to change that and play harder. " -Arsalan Kazemi

"We had a bad week. We knew what we did. We really played bad against Stanford, but that was more of an effort thing and against Cal I think we played really hard but we turned the ball over way too many times." -E.J. Singler

On Turnovers:

"Guys are trying to do too much. We had it under control and it started inching up, now it's completely out of control so it's a great point of emphasis this week. We're going to have to turn that thing over a lot less." -Dana Altman

On Not having Dominick Artis in the Lineup:

"Obviously we need him. He's a really good player but if you want to be a good team, you can't let one player affect the whole team. This is part of team sports. Other players have to step up." -Arsalan Kazemi

"Artis gave us a lot of help at the point guard position. We just got to get through it and we can. We have just got to make simple plays and coaches have been preaching on us to make simple plays. We're just hoping for the best for him to get back as soon as possible. We can't use it as an excuse, we've just got to keep moving forward." -E.J. Singler

What went wrong against California:

"We didn't execute the offense at the end of the game and we didn't get any defensive stops and that made the difference in that (California) game. We need to put our defense together and focus at the end of the game." -Arsalan Kazemi

"The biggest thing is the turn overs I think, just making stupid plays and just giving them easy baskets. If we eliminate that, we'll get more shots and it'll change the whole game." E.J. Singler

On Colorado:

"Colorado is a great team. Great coach and team and I expect the same thing this year [as last year]...they're a really good scoring team, really good in transition. I think that's the best thing about their team. We've got to make them play in the half court. If we do that, I think that will get them out of a lot of things they like to do." -E.J. Singler

"We've got to bounce back. Colorado is trying to bounce back and it's a big game for both of us. When you're in the conference season, all 18 games are important so it is a big weekend for us because we're at home and if you want to stay in the hunt you have to win at home." -Dana Altman

On Arik Armstead:

:The just hasn't been an opportunity to put him in. Arik's future is in football and he knows that. He could be a really good basketball player if they let me have him for a while. But his future is football." -Dana Altman