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Quack Fix: Men's Basketball Loses to Colorado, Track Signs 2 Eugene Stars, Lauren Plum, and Boba Fett

It's been an up and down week for Duck Fans this week. On one hand, we had another Top 25 recruiting class in football, including some big surprises. On the other, men's basketball has dropped three straight including a loss at home to Colorado.

Steve Dykes

The biggest surprise to me of the Winter sports season has to be the doom and gloom Duck fans in general seem to have about everything from our recruiting class to men's basketball's recent losing streak to even putting down Chip Kelly's recruiting efforts while he was at Oregon. If there is ever a group having more success and not letting themselves enjoy it, I'm starting to think it might be us.

Yes, my friends. The only thing separating us from Cal fans right now is that we are actually HAVING success. Stop, quack time.

  • As I mentioned earlier, the Colorado Buffaloes defeated the Men's Basketball Team, 48-47 at Matthew Knight Arena, snapping the Ducks' 20-game home winning streak. It was like you could see the car crash coming in slow motion as Oregon stopped scoring with about 5 minutes to go. I know some commenters have mentioned that we will need 24 wins to get into the NCAA Tournament. That number requires a 6-2 record in the second half of conference play. I'm thinking 5-3 gets in and 4-4 will be bubble. I'm glad we built up that cushion because we're going to need it.
  • National Signing Day wasn't restricted to just the football team. Track and Field signed two Eugene stars in Jackson Darland and Maggie Schmaedick from Sheldon High School for distance running. Women's Soccer also added six players including a goalkeeper, one forward, and 4 defender/midfielders. New head coach Kat Mertz has her work cut out for her in trying to rebuild the Oregon Women's Soccer program.
  • Expectations (among other things) are high around Eugene and they may not be any higher than for the no. 5 Oregon Ducks Softball team who looks to get back to the College World Series in 2013. That campaign started yesterday with the Ducks notching a 8-0 win over Western Michigan on opening day in the Kajikawa Classic.
  • I'm a big fan of the O Heroes program at the University of Oregon. This week's "Hero of the Week" is none other than Volleyball setter Lauren Plum. Couple notes from the article. Plum says that if she could play any other sport at Oregon, it would be football. Looks like we have a competition at linebacker with Liz Brenner. I also appreciate her answer to the "Dogs or Cats" question by physically crossing out the "Cats" option and writing, "Ew".

And finally, for your Friday video, I give you something that once seen, can never be unseen. I give to you Boba Fett dancing to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga songs.