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Quack Fix: Civil War Win, Zubaz Shorts in the NCAA Tournament, Softball in Orlando

Weird game last night at Matthew Knight Arena. Daymean Dotson, hero in the first Civil War meeting earlier in the year, appeared to get seriously injured during the 1st half. A ref may have gotten hit in the man sack and Don Essig went all "get off my lawn!" when the Pit Crew started getting a little salty in their language. At least the Ducks got a big win.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  • Men's basketball got a big win in the men's basketball Civil War by defeated Oregon State at Matthew Knight Arena. The turning point of the game had to be Tony Woods getting run over by Eric Moreland which resulted in a Technical Foul being assessed. The Ducks turned it on after that and fought to an 85-75 victory.
  • Since we've finally made it to March, we can finally start to talk in earnest about NCAA March Madness and the cash cow that makes the NCAA the majority of its revenue. I know that we've been talking a lot about Oregon's impending return to the Men's Basketball Tournament but thankfully the talk is about the Ducks' play on the floor and not about uniforms. We may get a bunch of crap about it but it could be worse. We could be an Adidas school getting forced into wearing imitation Zubaz shorts.
  • Softball heads off to sunny Orlando, Florida this weekend to participate in the Citrus Classic, a tournament that includes LSU, Michigan and Long Island. The Ducks are currently ranked number 10 in the nation with a 13-3 record.
  • The Acrobatics and Tumbling team will open up their home slate of meets by taking on Baylor at Matthew Knight Arena on Saturday at 2pm. You can also watch the event streamed live on
  • It's no secret that Coach Paul Westhead has had a TOUGH year and that's probably putting it mildly. He isn't the only former NBA coach that is on the hot seat as the season comes to a close, however. ESPN has a nice feature on Westhead and USC head coach Michael Cooper and the struggles they face.
  • Junior sprinter English Gardener is on the recently released Bowerman Women's Watch List for March.
And finally, I got introduced to this YouTube series only recently and I'm really enjoying it. Here is the Brett Domino Trio doing a cover of "Insane in the Brain".