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Quack Fix: Vegas, Vegas, Vegas

It was an ugly weekend for the men's basketball team as they dropped a chance to win the conference regular season, but not all the Quack is bad news. Let's jump in and see what we got:

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports

  • The Ducks dropped both games in the Rocky Mountains last week putting them in as a 3rd seed in the Pac 12 tourney this week. They'll take on the winner on Thursday night of the Uw-WSU game. Hopefully the team is able to shake off their poor performance and concentrate on tourney in Vegas. I'll be there all week with plenty of updates and info so make sure to stay tuned to ATQ for all your Pac 12 tourney needs.
  • There's a reason Vanderbilt is ranked #2 in the nation in baseball. They have outstanding pitching and it took a wild 8th inning where the Ducks scored 5 unearned runs to avoid the sweep this weekend. This was definitely a measuring stick for this team, and while they can hang with any team in the country, they still have a lot of work to do if they want to make a serious run at Omaha.
  • Like I said, back-to-back-to-back-to-back National Champions. Also, the women Ducks have a chance now to do something amazing by taking the Cross Country, Indoor National and Outdoor National Championships.
  • The men's and women's tennis teams also had a pretty good weekend.
  • Can Mark Helfrich keep this program at an elite level (insider article $$$)? Seems like everyone is hoping that the consistency of the coaching staff will play a huge role in keeping them there, but in the end it is going to come down to how Helfrich coaches and the plays he calls on game day.
  • Finally, OT, but if you didn't see this highlight from the NBA last night, make sure to check it out. RIP Brandon Knight.

That's all the quack I got, have to go pack for Vegas. Now, where can I get some damn bait?