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Poll: When will Oregon's journey through the NCAA Tournament end?

After getting a confusing at best, outrageous at worst, seed in the NCAA Tournament, we have to look beyond the obvious punishment for our previous Willie Lyles transgressions and wonder how far can Oregon really go in this year's tournament.


The Ducks are in the Midwest bracket with traditional powerhouses Louisville, Duke and Michigan State but it wouldn't be until the Sweet-16 that we'd have to worry about those teams coming into the picture. We have a winnable route to those matchups, not probable, but not impossible.

Oklahoma State is an interesting matchup as they are statistically similar to Oregon, almost across the board. With the matchup taking place at the San Jose site, you would think that the Ducks would have a natural geographic advantage. With the Bay Area Curse looking over EJ Singler, I'm fascinated to find out how Oregon comes out in this opening matchup.

If Oregon gets by Oklahoma State, they will play the winner of St. Louis and New Mexico State, both excellent programs.

If the chips fall their way, Oregon could make a move past the 2nd and 3rd weekend and into the Sweet Sixteen for a potential matchup against number 1 seed Louisville. While the Ducks may be coming off a Pac-12 Tournament run, let's keep in mind that the wins came against Washington, Utah and a UCLA team missing one of its best players. Before that, a losing streak in the mountains.

That leads us to our poll question...