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Quack Fix: Tourney Time and the Ducks are In

After 4 days and 3 nights in Vegas, I've found plenty of quack. Plenty to share with all of you. In fact I'm handing out cards on the street with pictures and phones numbers to the quack, just stop and grab one from me when you pass by. Let's see what kind of quack I'm handing out:


  • Biggest story of the weekend is the snub job the NCAA committee put on the Ducks by placing them as a #12 seed. I agree 100% with Jason King that it appears the committee didn't watch any Pac 12 play and doesn't have a lot of respect for the conference.
  • Obviously the coach speak and the player's opinions are "it doesn't matter" and to them it shouldn't. If Oregon proved anything this week it is that if they go out and play their game, play with passion and energy, it doesn't matter where the committee puts them, they can hang with anyone.
  • The game is set for Thursday at 1:45pm in the HP Pavilion in San Jose. My biggest question is how many Duck fans will show up. Students will get tickets to 2 games to the first session on Thursday and 1 ticket to one session on Saturday. There are 25,000 alumni in the Bay Area and Oregon had approximately 10,000 at the Cal football game this year. Hopefully there are a lot of Duck fans that make the trip.
  • In case you missed it, the Ducks are in the tourney because they won the Conference Tourney in Las Vegas on Saturday. Johnathan Loyd was named Most Outstanding Player and Dotson and Kazemi both made the all tourney team.
  • In other non-basketball news, the Ducks lost on Sunday to the USC Trojans 5-3, but took the series anyway with wins on Friday and Saturday. If this team has any hope of making it to Omaha, they'll get their test in conference play, and the Ducks are off to a great start towards that.
  • Probably one of the best people I met in Vegas this weekend was Ken Goe. Just a genuinely nice guy and also a fan of our blog and what we do here. Make sure to check out his stuff regarding Track and Field as we get into the season on a routine basis as there is no one doing a better job covering it than him.

That's all the quack I got for right now. I'm exhausted from a long week of "work" so if I dropped any pieces on the ground I'm sure you'll know what to do with it.