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Tako Tuesdays: Dot is Hot

In case you forgot...

Dot, trying a two-point shot.
Dot, trying a two-point shot.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

This is Dot.



Dot is hot.


Shot after shot,

from any spot.

Dot is very much,

terribly hot.


Against Saint Louis,

Dot did play.

Five of six,

from far away.

Going home,

is Saint Lou-ay,

but Dot and his Ducks

are here to stay.


Dot is hot,

so very hot.

And Oregon needs

most every shot.


For looming near

is Pitino's team,

whose full-court press

is like a bad dream.

Forcing steals

here and there.

It's sure to give

any team a scare.

Led by Siva

and Smith comma Russ

who will surely give

our guards a fuss.

And Gorgui Dieng

from Senegal,

whose size makes any

man feel small.


But the Fighting Ducks

are undeterred.

In other words,

they sho' ain't scurred.

The streaky Emory,

and the fearless Loyd

two men any team

will want to avoid.

And Crafty Kazemi,

who plays the game smart.

His role in this team

is no cameo part.

Collecting the boards

on the offensive end

has caused Oregon

to really contend.


But back to the plot,

and in case you forgot,

our young friend Dot

is most certainly hot.

For a stretch this year,

he was decidedly not.

Coach Altman said, "Dot,

give me what you got."

And Dot gave,

he fought and he fought.

And now the Ducks are

in a very Sweet spot.


Can the Ducks give the world

a precipitous jolt?

Shocking the bracket

like a lightning bolt.

Only time will tell,

on Friday they'll play,

the Ducks and the Cards,

an avian soiree.

But if Dot stays hot,

this team has a chance

to further move on,

in this year's Big Dance.