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Oregon Ducks Men's Basketball Media Session: Digital Ducks

Coach Altman and Johnathan Loyd were available today for comment


On Louisville's Pressure

"I guess you can compare it to people trying to simulate our football team's speed. You can't do it. You try a little bit and hope the guys get a feel for it. But you can't put 15 or 20 thousand of their fans in the stadium, you can't add the pressure of a sweet 16 game and you can't simulate their speed. We'll try to do the best we can and go out there and swing away." -Dana Altman

"From what I hear, they have the best press in the country. They're always pushing you into the corners and using the sidelines as an extra defender. We're going to have to stay off the sidelines and keep the ball in the middle of the floor." -Johnathan Loyd

Can you fight a press with a press?

"We don't want them totally to be the aggressor. I'm not sure what we will do yet but we've got to try to stay in the game so we won't get back on our heels too much." -Dana Altman

On "Playing with house money"

"No, there is something to lose. We want to keep playing. We would like to be able to say that but we are the University of Oregon, from the Pac-12 and we expect good things to happen for us and we're going to be real disappointed if we lose and we expect to win." -Dana Altman

"If we lose we're out and we don't want our season to end. We're going to play as hard as we can. Survive and advance." -Johnathan Loyd

On excitement

"I want our guys to be excited, this is an exciting time of the year. We are not taking this for granted, This is something that you earn and we've had our set of obstacles and the guys have done a great job of overcoming those obstacles and I want them to enjoy this." -Dana Altman

"You have got to cherish the moment. This is something big, we're going to live in the moment but we're still going to take care of business at the same time." -Johnathan Loyd

On the other coaches remaining in the region

"Well there's one name that obviously doesn't fit with the other three. Their resumes put mine to shame. Those guys have all won national championships, they're all hall of fame coaches. It'll be a challenge for our team and our coaching staff but we're excited for that challenge."

On Louisville's Backcourt

"Those two guards are as fast and quick a duo as we've faced.They're very effective at getting to the rim and making shots for their teammates. Defensively what those guys do is really something with their steals and making things happen in the open court." -Dana Altman

"They've got two real talented guards. Real athletic, fast and can score. We're going to have our hands full." -Johnathan Loyd