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Quack Fix: The Day Before the End of the World

I don't think I've been this nervous for a basketball game since the Ducks took on Florida in 2007 for a chance to advance to the Final Four. The only remedy for nerves like these is quack. Let's see what quack we have lying around.

  • Oregon's guards have faced and conquered two great tests, but the biggest of those tests comes Friday when they have to take on stud Louisville guard, Russ Smith. Smith may not be as physically dominating as Marcus Smart, nor as controlling as Kwamain Mitchell, but Smith possess the ability to turn defense into offense as quickly as anyone I have seen in college basketball.
  • Obviously, Rick Pitino is not taking the Ducks lightly and has some glowing praise for what he's seen and heard about them. I wish he hadn't called in a former player of his who faced Oregon in the first round of the tourney and another 4 coaches to find out about what the Ducks do, but at least it shows that this Ducks team is already making an impression on the top teams left.
  • So, does Dana Altman take the Ucla job 10 days from now?
  • What the hell is it with that team up north? The Ducks take on the huskies this weekend starting tonight in baseball and Horton has yet to win a series against them. With the Ducks moving up to #12 in the country, hopefully this is the year that steak ends.
  • If you were looking over the depth chart for next season at a position that has been a giant question mark the last couple of years but looks really deep this year... which player would you pick out to make a splash that not a lot of people are picking? My pick is BJ Kelley. I think he has the size, speed and experience to excel in the position that DAT will not be taking a ton of minutes at and a lot of teams may be overlooking.
  • What is the thing you're most interested in finding out about during Spring Practice which starts next week?

There you go, plenty of football and basketball quack. What, you're not satisfied? Greedy jerks, then leave any other pieces you find in the comments.