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Quack Fix: Indianapolis ties with Dana Altman and EJ Singler, Spring Practice Schedules and a Gayageum

While it may seem like the kiss of death for me to upbeat about Oregon's chances against Louisville, I can't help but be somewhat contrary to what seems like popular opinion. Not only do I think the Ducks have a good chance to beat Louisville and advance to the Elite 8, I think they have a great chance to shock the world.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This is a competitive team on a run. While it wouldn't shock me to come away with a loss in this one, I think Oregon will surprise a lot of people and keep it competitive.

  • It was just three short years ago that Freshman EJ Singler was watching his brother Kyle win the 2010 Men's Basketball D1 National Champion with Duke at Lucas Oil Stadium, the same stadium Oregon looks to continue their magical run in during the 2013 NCAA Tournament.
  • Indianapolis has another connection to the current Oregon Ducks Men's Basketball program. It was just a few short blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium where former Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny met with Dana Altman to gauge his interest in becoming the new head coach of Oregon Men's Basketball. Great backstory on what brought Altman to Oregon, his history with Arkansas and details on family considerations that went into the decision to come to Eugene.
  • Justin Phillips, of the Autzen Zoo, has some nice summarized information about Oregon Football's Spring practice schedule. Maybe we'll get some practices open to the public. Quite frankly, I'm with Allen Iverson on this one. We're talking about practice.

And finally, there is some music out there that's just timeless pieces of art that will last for generations to come. While the original "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix is classic in of itself, I really became a fan of this rendition on the Gayageum, a traditional Korean instrument. This is going to amp me up for a big win tonight. Go Ducks!