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Quack Fix: Welcome to March Madness

Welcome to March where the madness lives. Let's take some quack so we can make sure to settle our nerves for what is sure to be a crazy month.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

  • With a Saturday off, the Ducks got absolutely no help from the rest of the conference this weekend and Colorado decided to make less than 25% of their shots and Arizona let Ucla steam roll over the top of them to keep them tied with the Ducks at the top of the conference.
  • With Cal and Ucla both playing on Wednesday, the Ducks will know exactly what they need to do to take the conference crown on Thursday. Hopefully the week off will let the Ducks get focused for redemption against the Buffs and seal it on Saturday against Utah.
  • Rough weekend for the baseball team as they dropped the first two games on the road against Cal State Fullerton, but were able to bounce back and get the third 9-1.
  • No rest for the weary as the Ducks come back home to start a 2 game set against Cal State Northridge.
  • If Kelly had stayed, I'm pretty sure everyone would have thought, "National Championship game or BUST!" Now with Helfrich taking the reigns, I'm not so sure that is the prevailing thought. The talent is obviously there, but you have to wonder if there is any missteps at the coaching with the inexperience.
  • Seriously, put this season out of misery already.
That's all the quack I got this morning. Leave any other pieces in the comments below