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Marcus Mariota To Transfer to Hawaii

Mariota plans to join Norm Chow in Hawaii, hoping to get his first conference championship


News came down today, just before spring practices that Sophomore Quarterback Marcus Mariota will be transferring from the University of Oregon to the University of Hawaii to play QB in Norm Chow's system. The Hawaii product cited homesickness for his transfer.

"Family is really important to me, I miss my parents and I wanted to make sure I could see them as much as I could before things got too crazy." Mariota stated, "I loved playing at Oregon but I wanted to be the big kahuna back home, you know?"

In his time at Oregon, Marcus Mariota led the Ducks to a BCS Bowl win and was a single game away from a possible national championship bid. The talented 4* QB will have some new weapons to throw to and execute some of his magic on the field he played the state championship on. Jake Rodrigues comes in now the likely starter for the Ducks who is taking over after spending a single season at Oregon, redshirting. :"I'm excited for the opportunity to play for Coach Helfrich. It's a new era for the Ducks."

We at ATQ wish Marcus Mariota well in his future endeavors in Hawaii and hope that he finds what he's looking for, and if you were looking for a real news story, you need to read something else because it's April 1, 2013.