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ATQ PODCAST: Talking Oregon Ducks Track and Field with Ken Goe

The ATQ Podcast discusses all things Oregon track and field.

Christian Petersen

In this week's episode of the ATQ Podcast, Matt and I are joined by Ken Goe of the Oregonian, and talk about everything track and field. We discuss Eugene's bid to host the 2019 IAAF World Championships, Oregon's quest to build an indoor track facility, preview Oregon's outdoor season and tell you which athletes to watch, and talk about Oregon State's fledgling new program. If you have even a casual interest in Oregon track, this show will get you primed with knowledge about all that is going on with this program. And a special thanks to Ken for taking the time out to talk with us.

Fair warning, if you are from the City of Sacramento, you may just want to stop listening as soon as the Goe interview is over.

As always, you can listen via the embedded audio, or visit the ATQ Page on Talkshoe to download directly to download an mp3 or for options to subscribe.