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Oregon Ducks Football: Notable Quotables

There is no practice on Wednesday so this is all I could get this week


Arik Armstead

"Spring is going good. We're trying to fine tune all the little things like scheme and technique and sharpen our tools for the season."

"We all feel more comfortable, more confident. There are a lot of young guys along the D-Line. We played a lot of young guys last year and I'm looking forward to a bigger role this year."

"It was great. Not a lot of people get to experience that [going to a BCS Bowl and the Sweet Sixteen in the same year], I hope I'm going deep into tournaments and playing in BCS Bowls for the rest of my career."

"Everybody's different but both Coach Helfrich and Coach Altman teach us the same things. They teach us discipline, gotta work hard but different personalities."

"I'm gonna have a bigger role on defense. I expect to make big plays and help out. Get big stops, three and outs and turnovers as much as I can. All I can control is working as hard as I can and getting prepared to play."

Mark Helfrich

"In the offseason we do so much to prepare for ‘What if.' What if this happens, what if that happens, what if they come out with 14 guys in the B gap, it's a hail storm and we're going for two. Whatever those scenarios are in a less emotional state and then you try to be ready to make those calls on game day."

"I think Ifo [Ekpre-Olomu] has been a great leader for us. Tony Washington has done a really nice job. Avery Patterson at times has really stepped up and done a good job. So there are a lot of guys who have stepped up and assumed that role."

"I think across the board we've improved. Marcus is better, he's playing better. Our offensive line as a unit is playing a little bit better. Pharaoh Brown has been tremendous. Again, a guy that just needs to grow up. He's a young, huge, fast, smart tough guy and he just needs to keep playing. Bralon Addison has had a really good spring."

"Defensively, Wade Keliikipi has had a tremendous spring. Taylor Hart has done some really good things. Joe Walker has stood out at times, a guy that just is 100 MPH and trying to figure out which direction. I had a talk with him the other day. He's real close to just breaking through and getting it, and just needs to believe it."