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Quack Fix: Stanford is a Measuring Stick, Tony Washington, and Mike Moser

While negative events may test peoples' resolve, mine will only get stronger in the face of adversity. You will not win, crazy people.

Jeff Gross
  • As if losing to Stanford last year wasn't bad enough, apparently the Cardinal are the new measuring stick by which Pac-12 success should be measured. The article provides an interesting analysis of the fall of conference powerhouses starting with Washington, USC and (presumably) Oregon after periods of great success. I think it's dangerous to anoint any program as the "measuring stick" because you will ultimately end up disappointed.
  • While Dion Jordon is off to the NFL Draft, Tony Washington has the opportunity to step up into Dion's role on the defense. While he isn't as fast or tall as Jordon, I think Washington will be an interesting story on the end. Let's face it though. It's really hard to replace a potential number 2 NFL Draft pick no matter how you slice it.
  • Women's golf picked up an absolutely huge commitment from international star Marcella Pranovia who currently attends Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California.
  • Friend of the blog, Adam Jude, has the current status on the potential transfer of Mike Moser from UNLV. He was originally thought to be a virtual lock to Washington but Oregon made a push along with Arizona. Matt Prehm from Duck Territory mentioned on Twitter last night that he'd been told Arizona was out of the running. Does Oregon have a shot at landing Moser? If so, what does that do to the repeated concerns over Altman's recruiting strategy?
  • Washington's defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox is looking for "consistency" from his defense in 2013. The Huskies were definitely improved defensively last year. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for consistency. They've been consistent for 9 years. Let's make it 10.
  • Speaking of the Huskies, we've got the tennis edition of "I Hate Washington Day" as the Ducks take on Washington on Saturday.

And finally, in your Friday Video of the Week, I give you a song about pants.