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Aaron Gordon to Make College Choice Today

Gordon will choose between Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, and Washington.

Does Aaron Gordon think Dot is Hot?
Does Aaron Gordon think Dot is Hot?
Jeff Gross

Prep phenom and top 10 basketball recruit Aaron Gordon will make his college choice today between Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, and Washington. His announcement is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. PST. I wrote recently about how I thought Oregon was the best option for him (objectively and subjectively) but the latest buzz is that Arizona will be the choice. Matt Prehm of 247Sports had this to say about Arizona and Gordon yesterday:

Gordon wants to win and for that reason I say he goes to Arizona. At Arizona he might not play as much at a school like Oregon nor will he have the offense run through him most trips down. That said Arizona is already going to be viewed as a national title contender and adding Gordon makes them even better. Gordon wants to simply win and at Arizona that chance is the highest.

Arizona Desert Swarm also has a nice compilation of reports indicating Gordon will play for the Wildcats next year, and had this to say about Sean Miller's recruiting pitch:

Gordon apparently loves Sean Miller's sell of developing his 6-foot-8, 210 pound frame from a rough-around-the-edges power forward into a legitimate NBA wing. Whereas traditional thought has tagged the athletic freak as a power forward with high basketball IQ, a high motor, but little perimeter skill, Miller's sell of turning him into more than an undersize power forward.

Of course nothing is certain until Gordon makes his announcement, so until that time I'm holding out hope that he chooses the Ducks. Arizona already has a bevy of talented frontcourt players vying for playing time and I highly doubt Gordon is guaranteed a starting spot or 30 minutes a game, two things he is certain to receive at Oregon (along with the chance to win a Pac-12 title and make a deep run in the tourney).

Regardless of his decision, you can only wish Gordon the best. Even if he does choose Arizona, Oregon is still bringing in an excellent class. Check back here in the coming week for a full breakdown of the future Ducks.