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Quack Fix: Dion Jordan and Kyle Long in the NFL Draft, Okoboji "borrowed" the Oregon Logo, Penn Relays

I'm not a huge follower of the NFL but there were three main storylines I was interested in. Would Dion Jordon go in the top-5? Yes, Miami traded up to get him at #3. Would any other Ducks make it into the first round? Yes. Chicago took Kyle Long at #20. The last time Oregon had 2 first-round draft picks was in 1972 with Ahmad Rashad and Tom Drougas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The last one has to do with Chip Kelly and how big a splash he would make with his first pick as an NFL head coach. Not an obvious one to the nation, but definitely an expected one from Oregon fans familiar with his work. I admit, hearing the Philadelphia Eagles' draft pick get announced felt a lot like running into your super hot ex-girlfriend at a nice restaurant whose making kissy face to a millionaire Hollywood actor. All the while, you wonder if anyone would notice if you took the cloth napkins.

Not... quite... over it.

  • The Penn Relays have kicked off and the seventh-ranked Oregon women's track and field team took a couple preliminary races. The 4x400 meter relay team won its heat in 3:35:37 to move on to Saturday's Final. The Ducks also won their section of the 4x100 meter relay in 44.34 to move onto the final today.
  • Today is the deadline for season ticket holders to renew their seats. Here's the link to the information if you need to renew.
  • The University of Oregon has sent a letter to Okoboji school district in Iowa after it was discovered that the Pioneers were using the Oregon "O" and font in their uniforms and scoreboards. At least the U of O will work with the school districts to phase out these issues overtime rather than being ruthless and hardcore about it.

And finally, while Dion Jordan is off to the NFL to start the next phase of his life post-college, we'll always have this to remember him by in this week's Friday Video. We'll miss you, big man. Thanks for all the memories in the green and yellow (and often times carbon and black).