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Digital Ducks: Football Edition

Spring practice is underway and the Mo Center is abuzz with activity. Here are the notable quotes from today's media session. I will be attending media sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays after practice.

I like pictures of Ducks tackling huskies
I like pictures of Ducks tackling huskies

Byron Marshall

"It's not our job to worry about where we are [on the depth chart] just come in and be ready to play."

"I expect my role to get bigger, so I'm just going to come in and try to prove myself."

"[I need to] be in better shape, just be able to get the plays better on the move, once you get a sense of comfort back there, things fall into place."

"I know what I'm expecting when I go in there, and from the I gotta play."

"I haven't set any expectations yet this season, just go in and ball."

Mark Helfrich

"So far I've been in the right place at the right time, our guys are so great to be around. We came off the field yesterday a little frustrated, we have just some of the normal rust, but we got in a ton of reps, more reps than we did last year at this time."

"Today we were a little bit cleaner on both sides of the ball, which is very impressive for our guys."

Boseko Lokombo

"This is my senior year. It's time to go, time to step up and make plays out there."

"I feel like right now, everybody is learning different positions and running the defense better."

"I just need to step up and help the younger guys and on the field I need to make plays and be that energy on the defense."

Nick Aliotti

"The leader doesn't have to be a linebacker. I think we'll get great leadership from Taylor Hart, Wade Keliikipi, DeForest Buckner, Brian Jackson, Eric Dargan, Avery Patterson. It's hard to be the leader when you're not sure you'e the guy, like you aren't going to follow me to run a marathon. It's hard to be a leader if you can't do it yourself."

"I like leadership by committee. I like a lot of horizontal and vertical leadership. The man to our right and the man to our left are the most important people. Once your team is self policed, you have a chance. If I always have to be the bad cop it just doesn't work."

"I think the vibe is in its simplest form, where Chip was more vocal, Mark is more quiet. When one guy might be getting on somebody pretty hard, coming at him and challenging him openly, the other guy might be going 'Alright, how can we do that better? Let's talk about it' So that's the more boisterous vs. the more quiet."

"We can't compare Mark to Chip every day. We can't compare Chip to Bellotti every day. We can't compare Bellotti to Rich Brooks every day. Everyone has a different style, but the message and the goal is all the same."