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Quack Fix: Altman Coach of the Year

We've entered the dog days of Duck sports with only Track, Baseball and Softball to give us Quack. Sure there is Football spring practices, but with that still closed to anyone not wearing a jersey or a whistle we're going to have to settle for what we get. Let's see what scraps of Quack we can find lying around:

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

  • Track and Field looks to be getting off to another hot start as the Men's team won the Pepsi Invitational and the Women's team coming in second to a once again dominant Texas A&M team. You have to wonder if this is the year that both teams get over the hump and bring home NCAA Championships.
  • The baseball team avoided a sweep to ASU this weekend by putting away the Sun Devils 16-3 on Sunday. While it was nice to see the team explode offensively, that is not something that can be counted on consistently as they are built around their pitching and defense, which appeared to escape them this weekend as they gave up 14 runs on Saturday and 6 on Friday.
  • Staying on the diamond, the softball team was able to take 2 out of 3 from the #4 ranked Cal Bears this weekend on the road. The Pac 12 is loaded with top 25 teams and the Lady Ducks look to be on their way once again to a trip to the World Series with their play.
  • Props to Dana Altman on winning National Coach of the Year award. Definitely well earned with the way he was able to take a team slotted to finish 7th in the Pac to a sweet 16 appearance. The future is definitely bright for the basketball team especially with Altman at the helm.
  • I don't have a lot of doubts about who is going to be a leader of this Ducks football team when they take the field this fall. There are guys on both sides of the ball that have not only played in the biggest games on the biggest stage, but have won and lost them. The interesting question to me who is going to step up to lead different units. Who will lead the linebackers? Who will be the leader of the D-line, the O-line, or what about running backs? There is definitely talent in every unit of this team, but who is going to step up and be the guy is still a big question mark.
That's all the Quack I got for now, leave any other pieces in the comments below.