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Miracle Wolf Fundraiser Update

You all are amazing, and it's time to run another T-shirt contest.

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We are one week into our fundraiser and only one week left to go. With things somewhat slow around here this week, I thought I would drop a quick note to first and foremost say, "thank you" to everyone that has donated already, and to remind everyone that there are still awesome items up for bid.

If you have a minute, please look over the items for sale and drop a bid on the one you want. Special thanks to Benzduck for his generous donations of historical Duck memorabilia. Here is the link to the ATQ Ebay site with all the items:

Lastly, if you're not able to afford one of the auction items, but still feel like you would like to contribute, here is the link to be able to do so:

For today only, the person that donates the largest amount of money will get a free T-shirt from the Duck store (or if you are from another school and win, I will happily buy one from school). So today only, click on the donation link and let's try and raise some more money for this cause.