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Quack Fix: Softball begins postseason, baseball looks to Civil War, punishing rule-breakers

Oregon softball starts their run at the Women's College World Series tonight, as they host BYU. The Ducks host the Beavers in a Civil War likely for the Pac-12 title starting tomorrow. It'll be a good weekend for Oregon sports.

Stephen Dunn
  • The 3rd ranked Oregon softball team starts their postseason today. They take on BYU at 6pm at Howe Field. While the Ducks reached the Women's College World Series last year, it seemed like it was just a success getting there. This year, with a national seed, the Ducks are serious contenders for the national title. Pac-12 player of the year Jessica Moore is a big reason for that, but also important is the fact that she's not the only pitcher this year. Moore threw only 171 innings this season, down from 303 last year, but saw improvements in ERA and K/BB ratio. Meanwhile, freshman Cheridan Hawkins is 3rd in the country with 10.9 strikeouts per seven innings.
  • Another reason for the big step forward for the softball team this year, the team psychologist.
  • Just a friendly reminder as the Ducks prepare for a Civil War with national implications this weekend.
  • HB3524, which would punish coaches that "intentionally or recklessly" break NCAA rules, is in committee right now. I think it's an interesting idea, mostly because coaches, for the most part, face almost no repercussions for their actions. They can jump to jobs instantly, while student-athletes are not afforded the same opportunity. However, the article does note there is nothing stopping universities from including these provisions in their coaches contracts, which seems like a better idea that a law.
  • So what do you think? Should coaches be held financially responsible for NCAA violations? Leave your thoughts, or any other quack below. GO DUCKS!