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Three things I learned about Oregon Ducks Athletics this week

Between May 12th through May 19th, there was just a ton of stuff going on. Three issues resonated with me that I just couldn't let the week end without commenting on them. For this week, I learned...

Stephen Dunn

That Oregon is still the "Little Brother" in baseball.

The Oregon Ducks baseball team is good, really good. Unfortunately, Oregon State is an elite team playing elite baseball going into the postseason. On retrospect, the Ducks' win on Friday looks more like the bully letting the little kid take the first shot, only to then move onto the expected swirlies. Anything can happen in the playoffs but this was a stark reminder how far ahead Oregon State's baseball program is nationally.

As a Ducks' fan, it's great to be in the conversation of potential national title contenders but that conversation was shortened quite a bit this weekend.

The Autzen Stadium North Side Renovation project includes a new fan tradition.

I love the new pathways, trees, and general landscaping installation going on at the north side of Autzen Stadium. I'm not a fan of the apparent new student tradition of pounding in 6-foot stakes to commemorate the game, win or loss. I don't want to come out and see other teams' colors present at Autzen Stadium.

Sure, we're winning a lot at home now but do you really want to walk by the north side and see a memorial to a giant home losing streak with colors from all over the Pac-12 and beyond? I'll do without this "tradition", thank you very much. It's bad enough actually losing at home. I don't need a special reminder of previous losses as I'm leaving to go drink my postgame depression drink.

The Pac-12 Network finds more value in showing reruns of Women's Basketball rather than live Softball postseason games.

I'm a fan of the Pac-12 Network. I think they've been a great option for showcasing sports for schools in the Pac-12, especially in the fall and winter. As we've moved into the Spring, live events have become a lot more scarce. Very little track, almost no softball, some baseball but mostly replays.

I understand that Spring and Summer sports don't do as well as the Fall and Winter sports, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. The Pac-12 is elite in many of the Spring sports and we can't get these on the so-called Pac-12 Network? This is a travesty.