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Miracle Wolf Fundraiser Ending Today

It's been an amazing fundraiser, but I think we have one last push in us

Today is the last day to contribute to the Miracle Wolf Fundrasier. So far we have already raised over $3000, but I think we can still do better. I know there are a bunch of people that bid on auction items that weren't able to win, so my plea is that if you were willing to give at least a small amount to the OI foundation for some Duck memorabilia, than I'm sure you're willing to donate cash.

And because this is the last day, I'm going to run one last contest. I'll give one last T-shirt to the person that donates the most to the Fundraiser today only.

So please, give a little or give a lot, I think we can get to $3600 if everyone who hasn't yet donates just chips in a little more. Let's make this the best Fundraiser yet, and thank you to everyone that contributed already.

Donate at the link below: