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Miracle Wolf Fundraiser - You All Are Awesome

I'm not a big fan of holidays. Christmas and Easter don't hold much semblance to people unless they are religious. New Year's is stupid unless you really enjoy celebrating the changing of a clock from one second to another. President's, Labor and MLK Day just seem like excuses to give us the day off from work. And don't get me started on Columbus day.

The holidays that I do appreciate, like Independence, Veterans and Memorial Day are the ones that give us a reason to thank the men and women that have dedicated their lives to giving to others.

In that spirit of thankfulness I also want to give thanks to the people that have given so much to this blog. Patting the writers on the back would be ridiculous. Most of us do this for fun and the enjoyment we get from being part of this community and involved in Duck athletics. Others do it for their future enhancements and goals of journalism.

The real people that deserve thanks, like those that deserve real holidays, are the ones that give of their time and money to make this important.

That is most of you.

It would be impossible for me to thank everyone that was involved in our most recent fundraising effort, and for a great many of you, you wouldn't want me to anyway... which is why you're awesome. So let me quickly try.

Thank you to Dominic Vieira and your generous heart in giving every year. Thank you to Benzduck for opening your treasure trove of Duck memorabilia as auction items. Thank you to DuckUntilDeath for putting together and matching donations to two wonderful causes. Thanks to all the bidders, givers and contributors that have once again made this a successful fundraiser and helped us raise over $3,300 for the Osteogensis Imperfecta foundation once again.

We at ATQ thank you.

You are the reason we do what we do. Your giving heart and generous spirit are the impetus that drive us to write and be a part of this community.

So on this Holiday of remembrance and thoughtfulness of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, I'd also like to say thank you on behalf of ATQ to those in this community that have given a small part of themselves to those less fortunate as well.

Thank you. You all are awesome.