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ATQ Podcast: Talking Sonny Dykes' Golden Bears with Nick Kranz of California Golden Blogs

ATQ talks the new era of Cal Football.


The ATQ Podcast is back, and Matt Daddy and I have begun our annual offseason Pac-12 preview series. To kick things off this year, we have our annual visit with Nick Kranz, also known as NorCalNick on California Golden Blogs ATQ South. Nick fills us in on the start of the Sonny Dykes era. What can we expect from the 'Bear Raid' offense? Can Cal finally develop a competent quarterback? Will the front seven be able to stay healthy? And how will they be able to navigate a brutal schedule that includes visits to Oregon and Stanford, and non-conference games with Ohio State and Northwestern?

We also delve into Oregon topics, including the baseball team's regional appearance, and the disappointing end to softball season.

As always, you can listen via the embedded audio, find us on iTunes, or visit the ATQ page on Talkshoe for more options to download or subscribe.