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Digital Ducks: Regional Edition

Coach Horton, Jake Reed, JJ Altobelli

George Horton

"We know who we're going to pitch in the first game and that's Jake Reed. It's a bit of a concern because Jake has not lit it up as far as performance the last few times he was out but he bounces back well. That's one of the reasons why you select certain pitchers."

"Reed hasn't had great command. is stuff is still there as far as velocity. e'll throw 2 out of 3 pitches good and then as his little bouts of wildness or what have you and that's haunted him a little bit. What we hope to see is the Jake who finished the season last year."

"I haven't had a lot of time but I've taken a glance at [SDSU] and their body of work. It's more about us than it is our opponent anyway. We'd rather focus on our effort and out game. They've got good balance, typically they've got a couple pitchers who are a force to be reckoned with."

Jake Reed

"Being the first guy, you don't get to see the first guys throw and it's also different once you get to the playoffs, because you aren't seeing your pitchers go up against the same team you're up against."

"I have a clean slate. I've had success in the post season in the past and I've had success in the regular season. It's nice to put my struggles behind me and get to start over. From here on out, it's a new season."

J.J. Altobelli

"It's refreshing to have [the regional] here again. We get the opportunity to redeem ourselves for last year."

"I don't think we've reached our potential yet, as a team, which is exciting."