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Tako Tuesdays: Fun with Anagrams and MSPaint

It's is know what time it is? TAKO PAINTS THINGS TIME!!!!


You guys are lucky I love the hell out of this blog.

The Warriors lost a heartbreaker Monday night. It was probably the best chance to steal a game in San Antonio, the Dubs were up 16 with four and a half to go, and they left fucking Manu Ginobili wide the hell open with four seconds left. Wasted a bottle of good red wine on that god damn choke job. Only two things are keeping me from running around in the street and throwing all the glass I can find: first, it could be worse. I could be a Blazers fan. Second, I'll always have silly shit to do on ATQ to take my mind off the fact that the Warriors can't close out a fourth quarter.

Anagrams are amusing.

So is MSPaint.

And Oregon football players have long and complicated names.


It'll do for today. Let's get to it.

Marcus Mariota = Maraca Tourism


DeAnthony Thomas = The Nasty Manhood


Bralon Addison = Rabid Salon Don


Ifo Ekpre-Olomu = Look, Free Opium!


Arik Armstead = Radar Mistake


Stephen Amoako - Poke Hot Seaman


Everett Benyard = Deny Vertebrate


Karrington Armstrong = Arrogant King Mr. Snort


DeForest Buckner = Turds Broke Fence


Dylan Ausherman = Ran Unashamedly

8717073780_20fb5f626d_medium're welcome America. Happy Tuesday. Go Warriors.