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Quack Fix: Another basketball commitment, and when is it OK to leave games early?

The offseason. Oh boy the offseason. Searching the far reaches of the internet for the scraps of news we can find.

Steve Dykes

  • We'll start things off with the big news. That's right, the UO is considering changing it's cushion policy at Autzen Stadium.
  • As Noah posted about last night, Oregon picked up a bit of help for next basketball season. JC Transfer Richard Amardi will play his final season of eligibility at Oregon. The 6-9 power forward should help provide a bit of depth on the front line that loses quite a bit from last year's sweet 16 team.
  • Football Study Hall has a good series running: How the hell do you score on Alabama? If Oregon ends up playing Alabama in the postseason, these articles could give Oregon fans some hope. Last season, Alabama struggled to end the year against mobile QBs from shotgun/spread formations.
  • Pacific Takes ranks the backfields and wide receivers & tight ends groups in the conference. Oregon is not-surprisingly named the top QB/RB group. For the outside weapons, the Ducks rank 4th, which seems fair looking at the other groups.
  • From last night's NBA Finals game in Miami, this article reminds me of the 2006 Oregon/Oklahoma game. Many unfortunate Miami fans missed out on an exceptional ending because they didn't stick it out to the end, just like many Duck fans did in 2006. If there's one thing I learned growing up in Oregon football (and especially during the Joey years), don't ever, ever leave a game early. You never have any idea what will happen.

So, what say you? Is it OK to leave sporting events early? Leave your thoughts and any other quack below.