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Oregon Duck Baseball Vs. Rice Owls Open Thread

Oregon's bats woke up against the Dons and now need a win against Rice to stay alive in the region.

After totaling 4 hits in the last two games, the Ducks are lucky to still be alive in the Eugene regional. Their bats need to come alive today against the San Francisco Dons. The Ducks may be a little fresher as the Dons have had to go into extras in both games they've played to this point. If Oregon wins they will be going against Rice this evening, so sit down, grab your favorite beverage and watch some Oregon Baseball.

Oregon beat the Dons 6-1 after only getting 4 hits combined in the last two days. Oregon has switched dugouts and are now in their home dugout and have switched over to the home yellows with white pants. Still no word as to who will be starting the game for Oregon.