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Quack Fix: Arsalan Kazemi, Francis Christy, Andre Yruretagoyena, and Blowing Stuff Up

Sad to see the NBA Finals end. Really a great series to watch with so many sure-fire hall-of-famers on the court. Not just players, but coaches, administrators, managers, referees, broadcasters and countless others. As nothing more than a casual NBA fan, I found myself engaged with this series, more than I have been in a long time.

  • Arsalan Kazemi worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers and had a nice (VIDEO) interview discussing the NBA, the predraft process and what's it like to be back in Oregon. As one of my favorite players from last year's team, I'm really hoping to see Crafty catch on somewhere and comes back to Matthew Knight Arena as often as he can. I know he went through a number of teams but hopefully he feels that this was a little slice of home for the long term.
  • Oregon Baseball recruit catcher Francis Christy is mulling a decision between heading off to play pro ball after being drafted by Oakland or heading to the University of Oregon on scholarship. From the article, it looks like the UO coaches are working him to remain a Duck as two other catchers from the recruiting class have already signed pro contracts.
  • The Eugene Daily takes a look at Andre Yruretagoyena (get used to spelling it because we'll be saying it a lot) and what we can expect from him during the upcoming season. Special note to Don Essig and Jerry Allen. Good luck, you'll need it. I would just go with Dr. Y or Andre the Giant and save us all some pain.
  • Who doesn't like a good action movie? Well, I generally don't but I understand that I'm in the minority. Also, I can appreciate how much work goes into blowing stuff up and making it look realistic, especially when the stuff getting blown up happens to be well known landmarks.
  • Congratulations to fifth grader Emily Cavacini who won the girls' championship at the National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey. The tournament is in its 90th year. Who will be the first to make a marbles joke? Guessing the 1 or 2 people that actually (read) the quack fix down this far and haven't skipped to the video.

Grayson Clamp is the first child in America to be given a microchip that replace the cochlear nerve in his ear. This is a video allowing him to hear for the first time. Must see.