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So just a friendly tip to all of you, when you visit a city near the Hood of the River, don't ask a local Doctor for restaurant advice. He'll point you towards places that are closed and then recommend that you eat outside when it's raining. That's his way of saying, "eat quick and then get the F out." At least I have some better quack advice than that Quack:
  • I'm going to say this for the 1 millionth time. Everyone should continue to focus on Ifo [warning: Bleacher Report article] being the shut down corner for the Ducks and forget that T-Mitch was the known commodity going into last season. Ifo should be buying dinner for T-Mitch every night to thank him for getting the pub he's been getting considering he would never had gotten so many balls thrown his way last year if T-Mitch wasn't the stud he already is.
  • Speaking of stud corners from the U of O... dude, seriously?
  • Her grainy picture might not inspire much confidence, but let's be honest a) she can't be much worse at governing compliance than what we used to have and b) if she can keep John Calipari's ass off the NCAA hot seat, you know she knows what she's doing.
  • Much has been made about the layoffs at the Oregonian recently, and I know it sucks for many great writers out there, but in the end do you really want to be working for an organization of idiots that would let go a talent like John Hunt and Paul Buker and keep someone like Lindsay Schnell or John Canzano? People can blame Craigslist or Fan Blogs for the down fall of traditional print media all they want, but no one should shoulder more of the blame than the organizations themselves. They continue to favor hack "first on the scene" reporters and "shock jock" controversial columnists over "get it right" reporters and "speak the truth" columnists, all the time. You can't run a media organization with the costs of print with the quality of the internet. You'll always lose, and the recent firings did nothing but show you still haven't learned your lesson and will continue to struggle in the future.

    Good job D-bags. Way to prove you're still idiots and don't get it.

Well, that's all the quack I got. And just remember, 4 out of 5 Doctors recommend you take our quack on a daily basis. The 5th lives in Hood River and gives terrible advice so no one should ever listen to him anyway.