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Oregon's NCAA Sanctions Open Thread: Penalties Against Ducks Come To Light Wednesday Morning

The NCAA is set to release the details of Oregon's sanctions at 7:30 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday morning.

Jonathan Ferrey

As reported everywhere on Tuesday, Oregon's NCAA sanctions will drop this morning at 7:30 a.m. PT. Reporters and media will receive the report from the Committee on Infractions, and this will be followed by an NCAA teleconference at 8:00. Oregon officials will receive notification shortly before the general public:

This announcement will end a saga of 2+ years, marking 27 months since Charles Robinson's original report detailing Oregon's relationship with alleged "street agents" Will Lyles and Baron Flenory. There is some confusion as to the crux of the question, as this case has been thought to revolve around the use of scouting services, such as those run by Lyles, that provide access and influence rather than scouting reports. However, recent speculation has suggested that perhaps a bigger factor in the case are the recruiting practices of some Oregon assistant coaches. That should be cleared up when the report comes out.

Oregon has admitted wrongdoing, and attempted to resolve the issue via a summary disposition, agreeing to minor scholarship reductions. However, the NCAA disagreed with Oregon's language and proposed penalties, necessitating a full hearing.

There are reasons to believe that a bowl ban is not on the table, but nothing can be taken for granted in working with the NCAA. What is for sure is that, after today, the process will be over and we can begin to move this all behind us. For now, we await our fate.