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Quack Fix: With NCAA uncertainty over, Ducks ready for 2013

It's over. And man, it sure is nice to have it over. I expected worse, but I'm not going to complain.

Steve Dykes
  • Do you think Mark Helfrich and the Oregon players are happy that they don't have to answer dumb questions about NCAA violations anymore? Or do they even care? Over the past two years, the Ducks have gone 24-3 and have 2 BCS wins. And without the threat of severe sanctions, the Ducks shouldn't break stride in 2013.
  • Ken Goe goes a bit more in depth on how the sanctions will affect Oregon. Bottom line: they won't.
  • Let's all give a moment of silence for USC, and how badly they were screwed a few years ago. To his credit, Paragon SC at Conquest Chronicles is taking things in stride, and compares what USC did to what Oregon, tOSU, and UNC have done in the last couple years in their NCAA investigations.
  • Chris/Gekko over at the Dawg Pound has a very thoughtful piece up over at the Dawg Pound, and manages to put aside the rivalry for a few moments to reflect on what happened to Oregon. I'd prefer that justice happen in these type of things, and it's nice to see Chris try to search for that, even though it's exceptionally hard to pinpoint under the NCAA's ridiculous rules. And yep, Oregon dodged a large bullet on this one. It could have been a lot worse.
  • Everybody hates Auburn.
  • How did Oregon get off so lightly? The hallmark of Oregon athletics: change. The main parties that the NCAA went after, Chip Kelly and Josh Gibson, are no longer in Eugene. Oregon cooperated with the NCAA, and Chip took the brunt of the punishment. While his decision to leave Oregon was no influenced by possible NCAA sanctions, his leaving could turn out to be a huge gift to Oregon, allowing the Ducks to miss more severe penalties, or having a head coach with a show-clause.
  • Look how nice and not arrogant Rob Mullens is! (warning; Canzano link) Seriously, go back and look at some of his columns during this whole thing. They're priceless.
  • Lastly, if you want to talk some actual football, check out Jake's piece on the Pac-12 receivers. Man I'm glad we don't have to face Marqise Lee

Feel free to celebrate some more below, or drop any other quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!