Arsalan Kazemi drafted

Arsalan Kazemi became the first Iranian born player to be drafted last night. He was picked by the Wizards with the 54th pick and was later traded to the 76ers. If he makes the roster he will be the second Iranian player to play in the NBA.

The 76ers currently have nine players under contract for next season. With 15 available roster spots, it seems likely that Kazemi will make the team. He will join a deep, talented, and young front court that includes Nerlens Noel, Arnett Moultrie, Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen, Kwame Brown, and Andrew Bynum (who is actually a free agent - oops!)

Arsalan tweeted this photo of him and his family decked out in duck gear during draft night.

He's got a lot to be proud of. Here's to hoping he gets the chance he deserves in the NBA.

Best of luck Arsalan. You were my favorite Oregon player last year..

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