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Quack Fix: Jordan Bell, Horton Hears a Signee get Drafted by Miami, and Barbie Jeep Races

After one of the greatest athletic seasons in University of Oregon history, I admit that I'm just worn out. The upcoming summer months will help me get my fan batteries recharged before we usher in an entirely new year starting off with the annual return of college football.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

In the meantime, we get to subject ourselves to endless discussions around pointless pre-season polls, debating whether the NCAA football program sanctions were "worth it" given the success we've had, and digest all of the speculation about the upcoming year.

  • The top recruit in George Horton's recruiting class, left-hander Matt Krook, was drafted 35th overall by the Miami Marlins. Smart money would be on Krook signing that deal with the value being about $1.5 million but who knows? Maybe he'll show up in Eugene anyway. He has until July 12th to make a decision.
  • We'll miss friend of the blog Adam Jude who is leaving the Oregonian to head up to the Seattle Times to cover the Washington Huskies football team. I enjoyed Adam's writing, both at the Register Guard in Eugene and the Oregonian. The Seattle Times is getting a great dude and we all wish him well. Here's to hoping we see at least 3-4 "Should Washington Keep or Fire Sark?" articles throughout the upcoming football season. As for his replacement, all of us here at ATQ love our moms too much to move out of the basement. That doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't apply to be Adam 2.0.
  • Over at Pacific Takes, Kevin Cacabelos takes us through the top-5 big men signees in the Pac-12 for 2013. Coming in at number 2 is Oregon Ducks signee Jordan Bell. Speculation by Kevin is that Bell will be a candidate for the all-Pac 12 Defensive Team in 2013.

And finally, I'm very happy that there are people of my generation who I am able to live vicariously through. These guys, for instance, set up an Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing event. I'm not surprised by the fact that they set up the event and actually raced the jeeps. I'm surprised at how many people they got to come out and watch the event unfold and how many racers there ended up being.