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Quack Fix: HA! Screw you NCAA, thanks again Chip Kelly


  • With the NCAA sanctions behind us, it's time to finally look at the future for the Ducks. A piece of that future is Morgan Mahalak (hmmmmm MM, like Marcus Mariota? I smell a coincidence). Anyway, Mahalak is making an impression at the Elite 11 Camp in Beaverton this week, and I'm pretty happy the NCAA decided to conclude their shenanigans the week before one of the top Nike and high school football camps decided to descend on the state of Oregon.
  • There's an expression in the business world about if you want to get ahead, don't wait for the puck to be passed to you, but instead skate to where the puck is going. Basically it means, don't stand still and look around and wonder why you haven't caught up to everyone else, instead anticipate what is happening and get ahead of everyone. Our football operations and facilities feel like they know this better than most.

    P.S. Oh that's cool you got a waterfall. That is so 2007.
  • Totally awesome that the baseball team is loading up on talent for next year.
  • Finally, I know that Chip Kelly is going to catch a ton of grief for his involvement in the Oregon sanctions and his dealings with Willy Lyles. Here is my $.02. Thanks Chip. Oregon used gray areas of the NCAA recruiting bylaws to open up areas of Texas for the Northwest that didn't exist before. I'm sure Uw fans will bitch and moan because Oregon didn't get what they deserved, but if you look back at what Don James did to open up recruiting in Southern Cal it pales in comparison to what Oregon did... and so should the sanctions. So in the end, Oregon, OSU, WSU and yes Uw will benefit from a more open recruiting ground in Texas. So, thanks Chip.
That's all the quack I got until Mack Brown decides that I'm not providing it the right way and turns me over to the NCAA. Fuck you Texas, you got something to say, drop it in the comments.