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Quack Fix: Rob Moseley Finally Gets to Attend Football Practices, CNN Profiles Kazemi

Why am I seeing so many bad shark movies on TV right now? I get that some people like cornball movies but it hurts... oh does it hurt. I'm not fan of mustaches being in style but I certainly don't want them being replaced by bad shark movies.

Charlie Crowhurst
  • Dr. Saturday explores which championship contenders have the easiest and hardest schedules for the 2013 season. The article mentions that Oregon misses Arizona State and USC out of the South, get UCLA and Oregon State and home, and "only" have to travel to Stanford. The Cardinal are also mentioned under the "hardest" section. My bias and well-documented pessimism is raging over this list so I'll just continue on.
  • I don't often link to CNN in anything I share but they have a nice profile of the man, the myth, the legend, Arsalan Kazemi. Has any other Duck in history made this much of an impact on a fanbase in such a short time?
  • As has been mentioned, Friend of the Blog, and voice double for Morgan Freeman in "March of the Penguins", Rob Moseley, has been named Editor-In-Chief for He'll be overseeing content on the Ducks' official website, write some original stuff for the site, and be his normal self on all kinds of social media platforms. Congratulations to Rob!
  • It appears that Edwin Tobergta has been indicted by a grand jury after he was (allegedly) seen having the sexy times with a pool raft. You'll also be happy to know that this wasn't the first time.

The Friday Video is an enormous responsibility, one that I don't take lightly when I do the Quack Fix each week. The easy way out would be to post a link up to "Sharknado" and go about our weekend. Not for you, ATQ, not for you. Instead, I bring to you a touching video put together by ESPN showing a compilation of military family reunions. Have a great weekend.